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July 18, 2014

One of the greatest bits of advice I received before getting married was to have date nights with my husband. "When the children grow up and leave the nest," I was told. "You're left with your husband, and you don't want him to be a complete stranger. Have date nights so you can continue to get to know him." With the move back to SoCal, planning my little one's first birthday, and preparing my big girl for kindergarten over the past few weeks, my husband and I have had a lot of opportunities to really work together as a team, but no time for dating. This weekend, though, we're leaving the girls with my mom so we can enjoy some dinner, drinks, and live music together. I hope your weekend plans are just as much fun! God bless!

A brilliant suggestion from Marc Jacobs. 

Extraordinary hotel pools. (Just looking at them is enough to cool you off!)

Discovering new recipes on Yummly

A DIY pineapple cutting/cheese board.

Tips for avoiding getting sucked into the comparison game.


  1. You know we believe in date nights! We try to do one at least once a month; it's crucial! New also try not to talk about our little one.

    1. No talking about the kids--that's hard, but it's a great rule!


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