Summer Bucket List

July 4, 2014

I've never made a summer bucket list, but now that I'm married with little ones I'm eager to make every moment as memorable as possible. In an effort to maximize my family's merriment this season I came up with a few fun activities I'd like to experience with them. What's on your summer bucket list? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Have more beach days.
After living in Phoenix for a year I want to take full advantage of California's beautiful beaches. 

Make ice cream.
I've got a ton of ice cream recipes and homemade toppings that I want to try out. Luckily, I promised my little girl that she could help and she's holding me to it. Consider this one checked off my list.

Stay at a bed and breakfast.
I love staying at hotels, but I've never stayed at a bed and breakfast. People use words like "sweet," "cute," and "cozy" to describe them, so I'm all about making this happen. 

Try out five new recipes.
With all of summer's gorgeous produce, it'll be easy to pull this one off. 

Go to the zoo.
This should be a must for every summer. 

Have a proper picnic.
Actually, two proper picnics: one with my whole family, and a romantic cheese and wine spread for just my hubby and me. 

Take a roadtrip up the coast.
I'd love to take a trip from L.A. all the way up to San Francisco, but with two little ones, I'll settle for Santa Barbara. 

Go wine tasting.
It's been years since I had a weekend of wine tasting in California's Central Coast with girlfriends. I'd love to go back with my husband.

Make s'mores
This is one of my favorite desserts and I have to make them every summer.

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