15 Fun Things to Do With the Kids in December

December 1, 2014

Coming up with new ways to keep your little ones entertained can seem an impossible task at times, so each month I will offer up a few fun ideas that you and your children might enjoy. Have fun!

1. Go to a coffee house for a hot chocolate "date."

2. Try out new cookie recipes for Santa.

3. Go to the dollar store and stock up on toys to donate.

4. Visit a senior center and sing carols.

5. Build a fort and have a Christmas movie marathon. 

6. Make holiday cards to send to the troops. Go here for more details.

7. Fill to-go mugs with homemade hot chocolate and take a stroll or drive through a neighborhood that is known for holiday lights and decorations. 

8. Take them to see "The Nutcracker," Handel's "Messiah," or some other holiday performance. 

9. Make gifts for their teachers, dance instructor's, coaches, etc. 

10. Volunteer to read The Night Before Christmas at a children's hospital.

11. Clean out the pantry and take all your non-perishables to a food bank.

12. Write down goals and wishes for 2015 and put them someplace visible so your kids can be reminded of what they'd like to accomplish.

13. Make ornaments to hang on the tree.

14. Talk about all the wonderful things that happened in 2014.

15. Invite some friends over and have a holiday crafting party. (A few fun DIYs to try.)

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