6 Ways to Reuse Wrapping Paper Scraps

December 24, 2014

Even if you carefully measure every inch of wrapping paper you will inevitably be left with a pile of scraps when everything is wrapped. Instead of throwing all those precious bits of colorful paper away, use them to make something fabulous. 

1. Tear, cut or shred the scraps even further and mix with glitter and sequins to make confetti. 

2. Use them to decoupage projects. 

3. Fill glass ornaments with the scraps and use to trim next year's tree. 

4. Use them to accent scrapbook pages. 

5. Grab some glue and a blank canvas and create a Matisse-inspired work of art. 

6. If the pieces are big enough, cut into circles or squares, get them laminated, and use as coasters at next year's holiday party. 


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