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February 27, 2015

Spring has definitely arrived early in Southern California, and while I'm excited for what that means (flirty little dresses, picnics, ice cream), I'm also slightly disappointed that I didn't get to do too many wintry things. I had plans to make all these homemade soups to warm up with, and dress my babies in cute little sweaters and knit hats with bunny ears. This weekend the temperature is supposed to dip back down into the 60s, so I'm thinking I'll take advantage of the "chill" and whip up something warm and hearty for my family. Enjoy your weekend, and God bless!

Bacon jalapeno deviled eggs--a recipe I shall be happy to make in about six weeks when I'm left with baskets full of Easter eggs.

The dressing room of my dreams. 

A eucalyptus shower. Brilliant!

This Alice + Olivia dress. (It's 700 bucks and way out of my budget, but a girl can dream.)

Through a Hole In the Mountain, an installation from Pip & Pop made with washi tape.


  1. Are you kidding me? Bacon jalapeƱo deviled eggs...I've gotta have that in my mouth like today!! Btw... That dressing room fits you so perfectly. Chic and dainty . One day day!

    1. I don't think I would ever leave that dressing room; I'd just live in there! LOL!

  2. It's been the complete opposite here; we had a few cold spells. Those deviled eggs look YUUUUUMMY! I also like the eucalyptus in the shower; it is like a spa shower at home. Oh and that dress is CAUTE!

    1. That's what I was thinking about the eucalyptus shower too--like a spa experience. But boohoo! That dress is totally out of my budget.


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