Champagne Bar Ideas for New Years Eve

December 28, 2015

New Years Eve is just a couple of days away, and for me, the best way to ring in 2016 is with good friends and, of course, champagne. I love the idea of a champagne bar where guests can serve themselves and maybe add a splash of colorful liqueur or drop a berry or two into their flute. Here are a few absolutely gorgeous champagne bars, as well as some suggestions for putting together your own.

Deck your bottles with glitter.

Serve something sweet with the champs. Think chocolate truffles, mini cupcakes, or even flavored popcorn.

Offer guests a variety of berries and freshly cut fruit, fruit juice, and flavored syrups and liqueurs to mix a custom bubbly.

To avoid having to wash a ton of dishes, attach cute paper straws to champagne splits so guests have their own little bottles.

Use this trick to chill champagne in no time.

Let guests personalize their glasses with festive swizzle sticks and name tags.

Decorate the table with glitter or confetti, vases and colorful blooms, and cute signage. 

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