Friday Favorites

December 11, 2015

It's crazy to think that there are only three Fridays left in the year! And even though I've been listening to holiday music since the beginning of November, I can't help but feel like Christmas has snuck up on me, and once again, I find myself scrambling to get everything done. This weekend, however, I'm committed to taking it easy and getting some rest. I just want to snuggle with my family and watch holiday movies (my 2-year old has made me watch Shrek the Halls every day this week, so I'm hoping I can convince her to switch it up), cook some good meals, and maybe share a nice bottle of wine with my husband. Because after this weekend, it's game on, and I'll be spending the next couple of weeks wrapping and baking and cooking and shipping and shopping--I'm exhausted just typing that! I wish you a wonderful and relaxed weekend. God bless!

Thin mint eggnog, plus what are surely the cutest drink stirrers to ever stir a drink. 

The perfect balloons for New Year's Eve.

An epic donut bar for a holiday party that lasts into the wee hours.

A pup in pink (two of my favorite things ever, by the way).

This LOL moment. 

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