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February 12, 2016

Making plans for Valentine's Day has changed drastically for my husband and me since having our two daughters. What used to be an automatic date night (even if we stayed in and I cooked) has now become a family affair, and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. This weekend we'll be including our babies in the festivities as usual; first we're going to the fair, then we'll head out to dinner. And since there's no school or work on Monday, we may spend Sunday night in a homemade fort watching movies and eating popcorn. It's not the typical romantic weekend that's associated with February 14, but it is true love! Whatever your plans, have a wonderful Valentine's Day and a safe weekend. God bless!

A to-do list from Kate Spade New York.

The prettiest DIY tissue paper flowers ever.

Wedge salads, reimagined. 

These curls.



  1. Those curls!!! So super defined! Well, have a great Valentine's weekend to you and your hubby!...and the kiddos💏👭

    1. I hope your Valentine's Day was awesome!


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