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February 19, 2016

I love a short week! And this one was extra special because my first grader had a field trip to the zoo, (which my toddler and I totally crashed) and she won first place at the science fair! I am such a proud mama, I'm practically bursting. One of the biggest lessons I want to teach my two daughters is that they can do anything, and they can be great at it. What makes me most happy is not even the win, it's that she's so proud of herself. After several weekends of parties and events, we're taking it easy this weekend, but my husband and I want to do something extra fun to celebrate our little scientist, so tonight we're making stove top popcorn (I think the girls will love making it themselves) and picking up loads of Cadbury Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs for a movie night at home. I bid you a wonderful weekend! God bless.

This gorgeous Blackberry French 75 that would be perfect for a spring cocktail party.

Cotton candy sunsets.

A Swiss cake roll with a giraffe pattern that might be fun to make after our trip to the zoo this week. 

Everything from the Kate Spade Fall 2016 collection.

A pineapple as a vase.

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