DIY Colorful Cake Stand

April 28, 2016

These cake stands were truly one of the easiest projects ever, took no time to make (save for the drying time), and since I used glass plates and martini glasses from the dollar store I also saved a ton of money. The fun, punchy colors will brighten up a festive Cinco de Mayo taco bar or make a Mother's Day brunch extra cheerful, but they're also perfect for serving donuts on an ordinary morning.

DIY Glass Cake Stand

1 clear glass plate
1 clear martini glass
glossy spray paint (I used Krylon)
industrial-strength adhesive, such as E-6000

In a well ventilated area, spread newspaper or an old sheet on a flat surface. Spray the entire martini glass and the underside only of the glass plate (you'll be placing food on the top of the plate, so you don't want to spray it). Let them dry for four hours and add a second coat if necessary. Allow both to dry overnight.

Apply a liberal amount of adhesive to the bottom of the martini glass and center it on the underside of the plate; press gently. Squeeze more adhesive around the bottom of the glass where it meets the plate to help reinforce it. Allow to dry, upside down, overnight. 

I recommend hand washing these; I haven't tried them in the dishwasher and I'm not sure how the paint will hold up.

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