DIY Edible Finger Paints

April 8, 2016

Kids are naturally brilliant at making messes, and one thing I've learned is that life is more fun if you let them once in awhile. Since most little ones love to color and paint, these edible finger paints allow them to express themselves creatively, all while making a colorful, sticky, yummy mess.

To make edible finger paints, simply mix food coloring of your choice into chilled vanilla pudding (warm or room temp pudding tends to be runny, so make sure it's good and chilled). I picked up vanilla pudding packs from the dollar store and used food coloring that I already had at home. You could also use vanilla yogurt, but the pudding has a thicker, more paintable consistency. Have fun!


  1. Shut the front door! What a fun idea. Thanks for this!

    1. So fun! It gets pretty messy (especially when little hands want to start touching everything BUT their paper) but just put them in clothes you don't really care about and let them go wild.


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