Summer Bucket List

June 22, 2016

We're moving in a couple of weeks, which is a big deal and a lot of work, but also incredibly exciting.  And even though I'd love to stay holed up all season working on the house, I've got two little ones and a husband who will want to venture out at some point. Besides painting and decorating and creating a beautiful space for my family to call home, here are a few things I'd like to tick off of my bucket list this summer. 

1. Have friends over for a crab boil.

2. Explore our new neighborhood and try as many local restaurants as possible.
3. Plan a proper family photo shoot. (We haven't had a professional shoot in years, and sadly, have no portraits with my youngest.)
4. Take my daughters horseback riding and to ride the train at Griffith Park.
5. Have more picnics with my little girls.
6. Take my six-year old up to the Hollywood sign. We had an awesome view of it from our place in L.A. when she was little and she was obsessed with it.
7. Wake up extra early to make cinnamon rolls and coffee for a sunrise breakfast on the beach with my family.
8. Take my husband wine tasting (he's never been).
9. Track down a full set of vintage champagne coupes (for serving pretty summer cocktails).
10. Let my girls get messy and creative at Duff's Cake Mix.

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