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July 14, 2016

Summer is rolling along, and even though the days are longer, the hours just seem to speed by. We've already reached the middle of the month, which, sadly, means we've only got a few weeks left before we have to prepare to go back to school. But before that, we've got a birthday to celebrate--my baby will turn three at the end of this month (if you ask her when her birthday is she'll tell you, "July firdy-firth," and you will just absolutely melt). She's been talking about going to Disneyland to see Dale and Chip and Ariel for months now, and has requested a Minnie Mouse cake with pink frosting. I'm more than happy to oblige because I want my sweet girl to have the happiest birthday ever. In the meantime, I'm relishing the fact that I can still say I have a two-year old. 

Have a fantastic weekend, and God bless!

This wallpaper.

A gorgeous tablescape with DIY plant stands-turned-stools for seating.

Summer cocktails in the prettiest hues.

Another swoon-worthy office space. (I seem to be obsessed with chic home offices, no?)

All the rosé.


  1. Awesome! She's gonna have a blast at Disneyland. By the way, the simplicity of that tablescape is to die for. And the stools as chairs...genius!

    1. She will, with her little sweet self!

      Yes, that table is just SO pretty!


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