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July 22, 2016

This week I started working on a back-to-school piece for a client and almost instantly felt a twinge of sadness as I realized that I'll be sending my oldest daughter off to second grade in about a month. Since we're moving, she'll be starting at a new school, which also gives me a little anxiety--I grew up a Navy brat so I know what it's like to start at a new school and I just don't want that for her. Still, she's very excited about it and I'm doing all I can to make it seem like it's going to be the greatest adventure ever. For now, I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks of summer vacation and make the time as fun for her as possible. Our week was full, with swim play dates, trips to get fro-yo, and a visit to the street fair in downtown Palm Springs. 

Have a fabulous weekend, and God bless!

DIY paper utensil envelopes for a pretty picnic. 

This skirt!

Beachy home decor

An almost-too-pretty-to-eat ombré cake in the sweetest shades of blush.

This oh-so-dreamy spot to take a dip.


  1. Oh buddy! That beachy home decor is calling my name. However, it will also call my kids name and they''ll (at least my youngest) likely want to free the sand on the rug. Either way, it's worth it!

    1. Isn't it pretty? It would definitely have to go up on a high shelf. Or on the dining table for dinner parties ONLY.


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