July 8, 2016

This week was rough, and with the outbreak of senseless violence over the past few days, I found it hard to concentrate on finding beautiful and inspiring "things" to share with you. So in lieu of Friday Favorites, I wanted to share my feelings on this week (without getting too deeply into the politics of it because this is not the forum for that). 

My heart aches for the families of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the four fallen police officers in Dallas, all of whom are the victims of ignorance and hate. My heart weeps for a country divided, after so many have fought for its unity. I'm struggling to find peace in the wake of these tragedies, but I don't have the privilege of simply ignoring that it's happened. I am truly, truly at a loss. 

Here's what I do know: we cannot let hate win. Love has to win; it just has to. Spread love this weekend. Spread it every day. Get on social media and combat every ignorant, hateful comment with a message of love and hope. Blog about love, put an inspirational bulletin up at work to encourage your co-workers, hug your children tighter. That is the only way I know how to fight this nonsense, because whether you want to see it or not, we are at war. Love. Has. To. Win.

God bless you.

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