Friday Favorites

February 28, 2014

Both my girls and I have been battling colds all week (my husband was somehow spared), which has meant lots of time snuggling in bed and reading books. With my runny nose and watery eyes, I'm reminded of a time, years ago, when I had a nasty cold and was stuck indoors. I was single and lived alone so there was no one to take care of me; somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed to pick up food from one of my favorite Cajun joints in L.A., where the owner took one look at me and said he had just the thing to help clear me up.  He threw in, free of charge, a spicy vegetable étoufée that did the trick; he called it "lagniappe," a French Creole term that essentially means "a little something extra." I hope your weekend is filled with lots of little something extras! God bless!

A DIY coat I'd like to attempt when I'm feeling better. 

Important style lessons from the legendary Elizabeth Taylor.

The plethora of beignet recipes on Pinterest. 

A pretty champagne cocktail with colors that make me think of summer. 

The most adorable swimsuit for my bitty.

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