How to Be an It Girl

February 6, 2014

Being an It girl isn't just about having confidence to the nth power (although it does play a huge part), it's also about being smart, charismatic and having an enviable sense of style. Sephora recently sent out a newsletter titled "The Secret Life of an It Girl" that was meant to advertise new beauty products, but actually had some great tips for anyone trying to achieve Beyoncé-level heights of swag. Here's my interpretation.

Start schmoozing
Don't confuse schmoozing with kissing up or being phony. Schmoozing is simply making nice with people who are in a position to help you build your network, and vice versa.   

Make an entrance
Whether it's the boardroom or a birthday party, walk in with your shoulders back, chin up, and a smile on your face. And by all means, don't slink away to the back of the room or stand in the same corner all night.

Never reveal your age
Easy enough, right? Keeping an air of mystery will instantly up your 'It' girl status.
Get dolled up
It girls don't wear sweats. They just don't. Even if they're just running out for a coffee they'll look like they spent a couple of hours getting ready. And by the way, It girls have a talent for putting together a photo-worthy look in minutes.  

Erase signs of an all-nighter
Make no mistake, every It girl knows how to party, but she also knows all the tricks to looking like they had a decent night's rest when they show up at the office the next day. An It girl never looks haggard or disheveled, at least not by accident.

Be a fashion chameleon
Everyone gets stuck in a style rut once in awhile, but It girls know how to recognize it and remedy it immediately. Change up your look and never be afraid to try new trends; if something doesn't work for you, just try something else.

Command the crowd 
Whether it's your charm and wit, the fact that you're so well informed, or even just the fantastic new lip color you're wearing, the goal here is to have your friends, date, colleagues, potential employer, whoever hanging on your every word. Be the most interesting girl in the world.   

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