Must Have: LEIF Gold Foil Printed Matchbox

February 19, 2014

For no reason in particular, I've never really kept matches in the house. I suppose it's because I've never had a need for them; I don't smoke and I don't need them for candles because I use one of those long lighters. But when I saw this matchbox I was immediately drawn to it. It's got two of my favorite things: hearts (and in gold foil!) and pink. Who knew a matchbox could be so cute? But then I noticed that it's actually two-sided (the other side is black with gold foil dots), and then I saw that it's reusable, and I completely changed my mind about keeping matches on hand. There's also another design that has the days of the week on one side and the word 'cocktails' on the other--I'm thinking it might be a sweet favor at my next cocktail party.

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