10 Best IKEA Hacks for Kids' Rooms

July 30, 2015

For anyone who loves to DIY, it doesn't get much better than a good IKEA hack; there are dozens and dozens  and dozens out there, and probably even more than that if you're willing to search. Lately, I've been itching to make something really sweet and special for my little girls, and since I'm not a master builder I'm trying to find an IKEA hack that is equal parts adorable and easy to execute. Here are ten projects that I know my babies will love. 

A painted Fado table lamp becomes the cutest nightlight ever. 

A special little table for coloring, playing with Play-Doh, or building with Legos. 

The most adorably colorful stepping stools for little feet.

A basic and, let's face it, boring rug literally becomes the sweet spot of the room when it's painted like a donut covered in colorful sprinkles.

An angelic face painted on an IKEA Skurar vase makes it totally appropriate for a child's room or play area.

A custom play kitchen built from IKEA furniture. 

An IKEA Expedit bookshelf turned banquette makes for an ideal reading spot. The baskets below are perfect for storing books and small toys.

Painting the drawers of the IKEA PS 2012 gives it a girly and whimsical feel. 

Bekväm spice racks as an unexpected but totally genius way to display books.

The sweetest little dollhouse made from a cabinet and some imagination.


  1. The spice racks are a great idea for putting books in. That makes me want to go to Ikea right now! BTW... My lil girlie has that white table set and that design would be so cute in her room . Right now we only have a few stickers of her name on it but I think we could spice it up with some more color. Thanks for the ideas !

    1. Do it! I want to see pictures. IKEA is so inexpensive, which makes it perfect for projects.


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