Friday Favorites

July 10, 2015

It's been a great summer for my girls so far, and I know it's only going to get better because next week they'll be starting their swimming lessons. We'll be in the pool every day for the next two weeks, which means 1) they'll have a blast (good for them) and 2) they'll be exhausted come bedtime (great for me). We're keeping our weekend low key, save for a luau birthday party.  It should be a good one; I'm hoping your weekend is good too. God bless!

The Perivolas Hotel in Santorini. Have I ever mentioned my obsession with Santorini? I can't wait to go someday. 

This sweet little pineapple necklace


  1. Swimming out here in this heat will def get those kiddies tired just in time for your Me Time. Oh la la ...Santorini!


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