July 21, 2015

Since coming home from Hawaii I've been itching to get back on a plane and head out of town. I'm hungry to taste new spices, to lick melting gelato off my hand, to peel open some exotic fruit. I want to wake up in a cozy hotel bed with nothing but adventure ahead of me. But, since this is real life and my little one is turning two in a couple of weeks and I have to go school shopping for my oldest, who is starting first grade next month, a trip to Paris or Morocco or Santorini or even Pensacola is out of the question right now. I can't bear the thought of not taking one last trip before school starts, so a quick road trip to San Diego might be in my future, but in the meantime I've been pinning like crazy to my Wanderlust board on Pinterest to help cure this travel bug I seem to have caught. I'm filling it up with gorgeous pictures of Parisian architecture, remote beaches, bustling New York City streets--all the things I would love to see, smell, taste right at this moment.

Have you done any, or plan to do any traveling this summer? 

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  1. Nope. Haven't done much traveling, but we, too, might be planning a San Diego run before the Little Bug returns to school. SECOND GRADE? I can't believe it !

    1. No, I can't believe it! San Diego is one of my favorites.


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