Brilliant Ideas for a Fun End-of-Summer Party

August 12, 2015

As I, quite reluctantly, prepare for the changing of seasons, I find myself thinking about fun ways to say goodbye to summer. Naturally, an epic end-of-summer party comes to mind; one that's infused with lots of bright colors and festive details. Here are several ideas I'd incorporate into a colorful Farewell to Summer bash.

Pineapples, a must for any summer celebration, get a festive upgrade with colorful paint. 

A snow cone station for the kids (and kids at heart).

An epic build-your-own-burger bar with tons of sauces and toppings, plus French fries and grilled corn. 

And s'mores, of course. 

A vibrant beverage station with something for every taste. 

Frozen water balloons as a cool (no pun intended) and color-filled way to keep drinks, food, or ice cream cold.

Confetti on the tables, in balloons, and anywhere else I can think to put it. Because it's not a party without confetti!

Giant Jenga.

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