How I Made My Bath Product Bottles Prettier

August 20, 2015

I'm a big fan of packaging and am easily drawn to items--books, cosmetics, cereal boxes, you name it--that are on the pretty, girly side. Admittedly, those more aesthetically pleasing packages sometimes come at a cost, and I have willingly paid more money for a favorite body butter or candle because the jar was so beautiful. And it's not that I don't love less expensive body butters or candles, because I do, I just find the packaging to be a little uninspired. Since many of my daily bath products are the less expensive drugstore varieties I thought it would be cute to try giving them a little makeover. Using a stencil I got for about a buck at Hobby Lobby and some acrylic paint I already had on hand, I made this Dove shower gel bottle look a lot sweeter. I just removed the label, taped the stencil to the bottle, and painted. It was simple and quick (the hardest part was keeping the stencil from buckling around the bottle's curves), and far less expensive than the alternative. 

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