How to Refresh Your Makeup Look for Fall

August 26, 2015

I don't know a single woman who hasn't held on to an eyeshadow palette past its 2-year expiration, and despite warnings that mascara should be replaced every 3 to 6 months, most of us aren't religious about replacing our favorite tube when it's time. After taking inventory of the contents of my own makeup bag recently, I realized I'm in need of a major overhaul, and since the season is about to change, I figured there's no better time to refresh my beauty look for fall. Here's the game plan:  

1. Replace what you wear on a daily or regular basis first.
After you've thrown out all the expired, yucky stuff of course. Since products like foundation or primer or a favorite lipstick shade get used more often than others, they'll need to be replaced right away. 

2. Have your makeup done at a beauty counter.
A great way to discover new products, learn cool application tricks, or try colors you might otherwise pass up is to have your makeup done by someone who's in the business of beauty. This will give you an opportunity to experiment with some of fall's bolder makeup trends and see if they're a fit for you.

3. Slowly start adding new products to your inventory.
There's no need to go out and buy every last color from Essie's Fall 2015 line, or try all the reds from a new favorite lipstick label. Pick two or three new items to add, then build from there when you start to discover what works for you.

4. Stock up on samples.
The best way to try new beauty products and save money is with samples. After you've had your makeup done at a counter, ask for samples of the products the technician used. Go to Sephora and Ulta and ask for samples of everything you like. Stock up on your favorites and you may not have to spend a dime this season!

5. Get inspiration straight from the runways and social media.
Head to websites like to see beauty trends from the Fall 2015 runways shows, then check out Pinterest and Instagram to see what other real women are doing. 

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