15 Fun Things to Do With the Kids in November

November 2, 2015

Coming up with new ways to keep your little ones entertained can seem an impossible task at times, so each month I will offer up a few fun ideas that you and your children might enjoy. Have fun!

1. Pull out the construction paper, markers, and glitter and craft handmade placemats for the kids table for Thanksgiving. 

2. It's Good Nutrition Month, so find a healthy recipe you can make together to share with family, friends, neighbors, and teachers. 

3. Go see The Peanuts Movie together, out Friday the 6th.

4. Write letters to Jolly Old Saint Nick on 'Dear Santa' Day (November 8). Emailsanta.com is a fun site. 

5. Make handprint turkeys. 

6. Volunteer to help feed the homeless or at a local food bank. 

7. Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade together.

8. Teach your children about veterans and why we honor them on Veterans Day. Check your local news stations, newspapers, or websites to find out if there are any activities going on that support local vets.   

9. Bake these peanut butter bars to celebrate National Peanut Butter Lovers Month.

10. Let them be your sous chef as you test out holiday recipes. 

11. Take them to see The Good Dinosaur, preferably in 3D, after the big Thanksgiving meal. 

12. Spend Black Friday cozy on the sofa, watching their favorite movies and eating leftovers.

13. Have a pumpkin pie eating contest. 

14. See how many random acts of kindness you can commit on World Kindness Day (November 13).

15. Make an 'I am thankful for...' garland. Cut out paper leaves, write down reasons you are thankful on them, then string them all together and display as a reminder of how blessed you and your kids are.

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  1. Oh, #15 is a no brainer. We. Are. Doing. That! Grateful is a quality I really try to teach myself and my kids! That's a good one Angy! Really good one!

    1. It's such an important lesson for these little ones. ; )


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