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November 13, 2015

I'm doing everything I can to extend the holiday season as long as possible this year. Instead of easing into it, like previous years, I've sort of crashed into it at full speed--my car radio has been tuned to a nonstop Christmas music station since the beginning of the month, I've started receiving boxes from all the online gift shopping I've already done, and I've even got my little girls in on the action, with cozy afternoons cuddled up with hot chocolate and popcorn while we watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and Home Alone. It's not that I'm trying to rush things, because that's not at all the case, I just want the build up to last longer.  Does anyone else feel that way? We're headed out of town to celebrate a friend's daughter's birthday and one of the highlights will most certainly be the two straight hours of festive holiday music--I can't wait! Have a holly jolly weekend, and God bless!

 Roasted cauliflower and chickpea tacos that look SO good.

The prettiest holiday window display.

A pop of pink in an unexpected place.

These bud vases

A winter white faux fur coat

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