Nightstand Goals

October 19, 2016

We've always had night stands, but we've never actually had styled night stands; our bedside tables have typically been a place to stash anything from books we're reading at the moment to mail that needs reading, and now that we have young children, the odd toy or childish knick knack. We recently got new nightstands and I'm determined to transform them into the stylish, sleek bedside tables I see in design magazines. These nightstands serve up some serious inspiration. 

Love the gold, obvi. This is equal parts feminine and masculine, which is ideal for us. 

Simple, but so pretty.

We actually have these lamps (the shade is different though). 

Adding a chair instantly turns a bedside table into a vanity--pure genius!

I love the idea of fresh flowers by my bed at all times. 

A mix of shabby and glam that totally works.

This is, of course, too feminine for my husband, but I love the styling.

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  1. Oh Weee! That black and gold nightstand is super chic and sexy. However, it probably doesn't produce much light with that dark shade. Nonetheless, I likey like.

    1. It IS sexy, right? It's my favorite.


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