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March 31, 2017

The weather felt like spring this week, and we found ourselves spending afternoons sans the sweaters and jean jackets we needed in the morning. We also had sandwiches, chips, and fresh fruit for dinner two nights in a row, which kind of made a mommy-is-too-tired-to-cook meal feel more like a fun picnic supper. We're off to enjoy the beach today, as it's the first official day of spring break, then we've got some other cool plans in store for the little ones this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxed weekend. God bless!

A sweet (and beautifully organized) baby closet in soft colors. 

The most adorable DIY planter made from something totally unexpected. 


Shades of purple.


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  1. Those aren't waffles! They are DIVINE. Too cool!


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