My Favorite Pantry Organization Ideas

March 9, 2017

Organized pantries have always eluded me; try as I may to keep the canned goods on one shelf and the kids' snacks on another, somehow all those boxes and bags and cans end up integrating into one massive jumble. And the problem only seems to be exacerbated now that my seven-year old can reach the shelves to get out snacks for herself and her sister (boxes never get closed all the way, or near empty bags of veggie sticks are shoved back in, etc). But I'm not giving up hope that a perfectly coordinated and catalogued pantry is within my grasp, especially since I've seen so many brilliant organization ideas online. Here are a few favorites that I know I can pull off. 

Clear canisters and containers make it easy to see what I'm looking for, as well as keep track of what I need to replenish. 

Also, keeping the sealable containers on the slim side means there won't be too much wasted space.

Baskets or bins are great for housing stackable items like cans or items that don't necessarily have to stay in their boxes, such as granola bars and individually packaged snacks.

Labels are essential for staying organized, especially since I've got several different types of flour and a variety of cereals. Plus they help to maintain a uniform look.

Everything must be categorized and in its place. Baking items go together, cereal and oatmeal go together, salty snacks go together, etc. 

The location of each item matters. Heavy items, such as cases of water, should be stored low, and staples that are used most often, such as flour or cereal, should be most easily accessible. Items that get used less, such as cake platters or small appliances can be stored on the top shelf.

Group items that are used simultaneously, such as cake decorating supplies, in one basket or bin. When it's time to use them, I'll just need to pull out one basket and everything I need will already be there.

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  1. I would absolutely pay 💰 for that first pantry. Super organized and clean. I need this in my mean right now!

    1. Right? And the wallpaper adds something special to an otherwise boring space.


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