Currently Drooling Over: Scalloped Edges

June 4, 2013

For a girly girl like me, pretty design details, like scalloped edges, make my heart go pitter-patter. Recently I've spotted sweet little scallops on everything from cake pans to lipgloss tubes. 

Scalloped-edged placeholders to add charm to a brunch or dinner table.
This lipgloss duo proves that a scallop print is everything.
Lovely stationary to let friends know you're thinking of them.
These pretty little pans bake up cakes that resemble flowers. They also make sweet little serving trays. 
Sweet ballet flats in a fun, summery color.
A thin bangle that has fat impact.
Neverending, overlapping scallops add interest and dimension to a simple white vase.
A scalloped bikini is a sweet-meets-sexy warm weather must-have! 
The cutest makeup case ever.


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