5 Ideas for a Fabulous Movie Night

June 3, 2013

Having a movie night at your place is a lot of fun, and it's a great way to play hostess with minimum effort (as opposed to hosting a dinner or cocktail party). Here are five low-maintenance tips to make your next movie night even more fabulous.  

Fun Fare
Popcorn and candy are musts for a good movie night, so stock up. I like to troll the food section at Cost Plus World Market for imported snacks as well as throwback candies, like Junior Mints and Sugar Babies. Another fun idea, build-your-own pizza; buy pre-made pizza dough, cut into individual servings, and let guests add their own toppings. 

Have a Theme
Make it a 007 night (a brilliant theme that works for both guys and girls), or gather up all your chick flicks for a girl's night (anything by Nancy Meyers is perfect). Decorations aren't necessary, but if you find some that fit your theme, go for it!

Make it Cozy
Spread pillows for comfy seating on the floor, and have blankets on hand so guests can get cozy. And rearrange the furniture a little, or pull in furniture from another room if necessary. Mattresses make great makeshift chaise lounges. 

Create a Movie Theater Atmosphere
Set a more theatrical ambiance with dimmed lighting. If you don't have light dimmers, simply light a few candles and spread them around the room.

Use a Projector
Instead of watching the movies on TV, project them on an empty wall. Even better, if weather permits, take the projector outside and play the movie on a white or light-colored, flat sheet (hang it on a clothesline or garage door) for movie night under the stars.


  1. Movie night at the Aces is always fun. The use of the projector outside really takes watching movies to a whole other level. U can even create a drive-in movie if your yard would permit. Great ideas as always Angy!

    1. Thanks Nikki! Wish I could have made it to one of those famous Ace Movie Nights!


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