10 Essentials for the Crafty Girl

June 11, 2013

Whether you make the occasional birthday card yourself or have an entire space dedicated to crafting (lucky you!), here are a few must-haves every crafty girl should have in her repertoire.

1. Beautiful ribbon is a must for everything from greeting cards to garland.  
2. Spray adhesive helps make glittering jars, vases, boxes, and anything else easier and faster.
3. A brush set with both flat and round brushes that isn't too expensive.
4. A cutting mat that self-heals so it lasts and lasts for endless crafting. 
5. Even the most un-crafty girl can benefit from a good glue gun.

6. A pretty place to store all your crafting wares. 
7. An assortment of glitter is a major must-have.
8. Colorful washi tape has so many uses, from making custom wrapping paper to scrapbooking.

9. For precise crafting an X-acto knife works better than scissors. 10. Scrapbook paper can be used in multiple ways, not just for scrapbooking. 


  1. Haha a home office AND a home studio now THAT would be a dream. All of these items are great!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

    1. AND a gourmet kitchen...you know, since we're dreaming!


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