Happy Friday {and Farewell L.A.}

June 14, 2013

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. We're leaving L.A. for Phoenix tomorrow and I've been crazy busy packing and taking care of last minute details. And, I'll admit, spending a few moments every day to sort of mourn the fact that I'm leaving a city that I love so much. Here are five things I'm really going to miss:

5. The food! From brunch at Griddle Cafe on Sunset to dinners at MB Post in Manhattan Beach...and every other place in between that we either frequented or planned to try out but never got around to. 

4. Celebrity sightings. Okay, I'm not like a tourist or celeb stalker or anything, but who's really going to complain about seeing Shemar Moore jogging shirtless down 3rd Avenue? Not me!

3. The weather. Simply cannot be beat!

2. The beach.  Oh, the beach! How I'll miss that beautiful Pacific Ocean! 

1. Most of all I'll miss my family, and the friends who are like family. Thankfully, Phoenix is just a flight away!

Happy Friday! Here's wishing you a fabulous and restful weekend!

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  1. We will miss you! Like you said you are a quick flight or a 5 hour drive away!


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