10 Essentials for a Diaper Bag

September 12, 2013


A well-packed baby bag is a mom's best friend. Besides diapers, wipes, formula, and extra clothes for baby, here are ten things to help make heading out with baby a little easier.  And by the way, a fully-packed diaper bag makes an awesome baby shower gift.  

1. This diaper therapy cream is well worth the price--it heals any irritation almost immediately.
2. Keep little ones busy while dining out with these place mats that stick to the table (You can pour snacks directly on them!) and feature entertaining pictures and activities.
3. Leave your handbag at home and pack a cute cosmetic bag for your keys, phone, and a few beauty essentials.
4. A clean shirt for you...because poop and spit up happen.
5. Disposable changing pads make diaper changing on the go a cinch. 
6. No need to put a soiled bib back in the diaper bag when you carry disposable bibs. 
7. Chewbeads for teething little ones.
8. A water bottle with a built-in filter to keep you hydrated. And if you use formula, there'll always be purified water on hand to mix it. 
9. Baby-safe antibacterial wipes to clean hands, faces, high chairs and booster seats at restaurants, changing tables in public restrooms, and myriad other surfaces your baby may touch.
10. It seems obvious, but between sleep deprivation and trying to remember everything, you might actually forget baby's favorite toy.


  1. I like number four... poopies and spit ups and throw up do happen...We need our own bib...In fact number eleven...mommy bib!

    1. Ha! You're just the girl to invent a mommy bib!


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