It's Football Season!

September 5, 2013

Whether it's your hubby or boyfriend, girlfriend or grandfather, chances are you have a football fan in your life, and since the NFL season kicks off today you'll likely be watching a game or two at some point in the next seventeen weeks. If you're not familiar with the game, or were too distracted by the hot men in tight pants to learn, here are some general football terms to get you through the season. 

Down: Starts when the ball is put into play and ends when the ball is ruled dead; the offensive team has four downs to advance the ball ten yards.
First down: The offensive team's first attempt to advance the ball ten yards; a new first down is earned after the team has gained ten yards.
Field goal: a kick that's worth three points; a team can attempt a field goal if they aren't able to get a touchdown.
Fumble: When the player who's holding the ball drops it or gets it knocked out of his hands before the end of a play.
Interception: When the defensive team catches the ball in the air after the offensive quarterback has thrown it; also called a pick (for some reason). Basically, it's a steal. 
Tackle: When the person carrying the ball is wrestled to the ground by a member of the opposing team, and any part of his body, except for his hands, touches the ground; the play is ended after a tackle.
Touchdown: When the offensive team crosses the opposing team's goal line or catches a throw (pass) in the end zone; this is worth six points. Also called a TD.

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