5 Ways to Smell Good All Day

September 11, 2013

Besides being told you're gorgeous (c'mon, who doesn't love that?), having someone say you smell nice is way up there as far as compliments go. In addition to the obvious shower, deodorant, and splash of perfume, here are five things you can do to keep those compliments coming all day.

1. We all skip shampoos (any hair stylist worth their salt will tell you to do so), especially if you have curly or kinky hair. To keep tresses smelling sweet between washes spritz with hair perfume or use a scented dry shampoo.  

2. Use a rich, fabulously scented hand cream after every hand wash and throughout the day. As you absentmindedly touch your hair and clothes, a little bit of the scent will be transferred and you'll get a whiff of it as you move.

3. To make your perfume last longer, dab a bit of body oil or Vaseline on your pulse points, then spritz your perfume on them. Don't forget about the backs of your knees. 

4. Make like Sarah Jessica Parker and lightly spritz the clothes in your closet with your favorite perfume or body spray. You can also spray cotton balls or Q-tips and place them in your drawers to make your underpinnings and folded clothes smell great too.

5. After you've showered and are completely dry, use a puff to dust perfumed body powder all over your body. It's such a deliciously retro thing to do, in a glamorous, pin-up girl kind of way. And if you can't find a body powder in your favorite fragrance, here's how to make your own perfumed powder

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  1. Wow what great tips especially number three

    Ali of Dressing Ken


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