5 Emmy Party Cocktails

September 20, 2013

Whether you're hosting friends for an Emmy Awards viewing party or watching in your PJs by yourself, you'll appreciate these cocktails inspired by five popular Emmy-nominated shows. 

Dry Martini -- inspired by Mad Men
Serve with: Deviled eggs, a popular snack of the '60s

Breaking Blue -- inspired by Breaking Bad
Serve with: Rock candy, of course!

Bootlegger's Secret -- inspired by Boardwalk Empire
Serve with: Finger sandwiches (Sliced bread was invented during the Jazz Age, making finger sandwiches popular at the time. Make them with rye bread as a nod to the bootleggers and their rye whiskey.)

Red Wine -- inspired by Scandal
Serve with: Nothing, Olivia Pope only has time for wine. And sometimes she drinks straight from the bottle!

Mr. Bates Bittersweet Cocktail -- inspired by Downton Abbey
Serve with: Oysters on the half shell, a common starter of this era

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