9 Wing Recipes for a Super Bowl Party

January 29, 2014

Chicken wings are the quintessential food for sports viewing. Nachos, beer, and onion rings make nice accompaniments, but it's the wing that is truly the star (according to this over a billion wings will be eaten this weekend). If you're hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday, you'll want to have at least one killer wing on your buffet table; any flavor will do, but if you want to try something new, these recipes could rival your favorite buffalo wings.   

1. Pineapple Tequila Sticky Chicken Wings  2. Smoked Buffalo Wings   3. Jalapeno Lime Chicken Wings   4. Spicy Citrus Caramel Chicken Wings   5. Sweet Tea-Brined Hot Chicken Wings   6. Spicy Maple Chicken Wings   7. Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Wings   8. Spicy Cajun Style Chicken Wings   9. Samuel Adams Boston Lager-Glazed Chicken Wings

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