Friday Favorites

January 31, 2014

Sometimes the most uneventful weeks turn out to be the nicest. We didn't do much this week, but I'm telling you, every day felt like Saturday to me (or perhaps I'm just so exhausted, I've finally lost all track of space and time). It was actually quite relaxing to not constantly be thinking about what day it was and what had to be accomplished on that day, and I'm hoping to spend more weeks like this one in 2014. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. God bless!

A stack of books we donated to the children's hospital. And by the way, my brilliant brother wrote this book--get it here.  

This song.  

A love note pillowcase DIY I'm considering doing for each of my girls. 

Tiny heart legwarmers and my baby's chubby, yummy feet.

Pink marshmallows that I know my four-year old will love making.


  1. Okay... Love the song, thoroughly enjoyed Rickey Ricks' book, adore the pillowcase, and I absolutely CRAVE those lil' toes and leggings!

    1. The toes are my kissable!


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