Sweet DIYs for a Kid's Valentine's Day Party

January 23, 2014

My four year old is just like me, always looking for a reason to have a party. We've been working on a few Valentine's Day crafts this week, and we got to thinking a Valentine's Day party might be fun. I love these DIY ideas for a kid-friendly party.

Valentine's Day popcorn pops that are fun to make and eat. 
A heart disco ball can turn any occasion into a dance party.  
Free printables to make goodie bags a little sweeter.
A wall of chocolate hearts serves as decoration for the party, then favors when it's over. 
Heart-shaped fruit for kebabs. 
Making pink, red, and white candy rings can be a fun party activity.
Conversation hearts in the form of pi├▒atas.
A sweetheart tree let's everyone know where the party's at. 
Printable sweet lips for photo booth fun. 


  1. Love the conversation heart pinatas - too adorable!!

    1. And they looked pretty simple to make too.


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