A Girly Golden Globes/Girls Viewing Party

January 7, 2014

This Sunday is going to be major night for the girls. First, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are returning as hosts for the Golden Globe awards (these two seem like total girl's girls and are on my list of celebs I would invite to a dinner party), and it's the season three premiere of one of my favorite shows, Girls. Since it'll be all about the ladies on Sunday, how fun would a super girly viewing party be? Below are a few ideas to inspire you.

 1. A grown-up pajama party is never a bad idea. Instead of dressing up tell your girls to come in their jammies.
2. It's not a party unless there's dancing! Shake your booties during the commercial breaks, and don't forget to add this anthem by Miss Bey to your playlist. 
3. Chocolates that look like little golden globes are a must. 
4. It doesn't get much girlier than pink and gold ombre glittered champagne bottles. (And when the party's over they'll make lovely vases, no?)
5. Metallic fringe on the wall makes a perfect backdrop for anyone who's feeling photogenic.
6. When it comes to the food, keep it simple and delicious. Bake up some crostini then offer a buffet of toppings like soft cheeses, fruit, smoked meats, spreads, chutneys, and anything else you can think of. 
7. Make a signature cocktail, then sprinkle edible gold dust over the top.  

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