Friday Favorites

January 3, 2014

Happy Friday, and happy new year! The start of a new year always feels exciting and a little magical; there's the renewed hope of making dreams become a reality, and the mystery and wonder of the unknown future. We're only three days in to 2014 and I'm absolutely giddy about the mere possibility of new opportunities and adventures. I'm also looking forward to making a few changes to this blog, starting with the addition of Friday Favorites, a handful of lovely recipes, DIYs, outfits, or whatever inspired me during the week. I hope you enjoy. And I hope you have a fantastic weekend! God bless!

A DIY project that beats my current method of tossing our keys in a kitchen drawer to keep them out of sight.

The perfect necklace to inspire me and keep me going throughout the year. 

A casual and cute weekend look that makes me think orange actually is the new black.

Peppermint hot chocolate because I'm not quite ready to move on from the holiday season, and it is still cold outside, after all. 

A sweet bow ring from my mom, and a manicure that's lasted longer than expected.


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