4 Ways to Make Takeout More Special

January 14, 2014

Just because I like to cook doesn't mean I always want to; some evenings the thought of having to put together a meal for my family makes me want to run and hide. And there've been plenty of times when an unexpected visit from friends turned into an impromptu dinner party.  For those nights when ordering in seems the only option, it's nice to ditch the cardboard cartons and plastic sporks, and make the meal a little more glamorous. Here are four ways to elevate your favorite takeout food.   

Plate it like a pro. 
Food on a proper plate just looks so much more appetizing. Use a nice platter or big bowl to serve it family style, or get even more creative and present food in martini glasses or hollowed out bell peppers or pineapples or wrapped in parchment..you get the idea. 

Whip up a homemade sauce or dip to go with the food.
Find a recipe, any recipe, that uses fresh ingredients to create an accompaniment that will elevate your takeout meal to the next level . 

Add fresh herbs. 
Whether it's chopped basil to an Italian or Thai dish, a little fresh mint on your chopped salad, or fragrant rosemary sprigs on a roasted chicken, fresh herbs will change the taste and appearance of takeout food for the better.

Use real utensils and linen napkins.
It'll feel like your dining on cuisine from your favorite restaurant rather than sitting on your sofa in your PJs, eating from a Styrofoam box. 

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  1. Nice post. I either eat out or get take out a lot because it's only me and I always end up with tons of leftovers when I cook. I definitely move my food to a regular plate too. Sitting at the table and not on the couch in front of the TV helps as well.

    1. Yes! Move away from the couch.. great idea!


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