Friday Favorites

March 6, 2015

It's been sort of a miserable week; I came down with something nasty on Monday (fever, chills, coughing, aching--the whole nine) and haven't been able to fully shake it. My fear is that I might pass it along to my little ones, so I've had to keep kisses and cuddles to a minimum (I was blessed to have my mom step in and take care of them on Monday and Tuesday since my husband wasn't here). I'm hoping to get some rest as we go into the weekend so I'll be back to my normal self next week and can resume smothering my little babies with all the kisses. I hope you have a fantastic weekend; stay well and God bless!

Dolce and Gabbana's motherhood-themed Fall 2015 runway show.

This DIY gem mirror.

The easiest breakfast on the planet. 

New children's wear from Kate Spade

Chicken soup for the soul. How cute is that heart?

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