How to Be an Awesome Party Guest

March 10, 2015

Spring is on the horizon, and with it, plenty of reasons to celebrate, including St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, and the onset of wedding season. Whatever you're feteing this spring (or any time, really), do yourself a favor and make sure you're the party guest who gets invited back by following these tips.

1. It's always fine to be a little late (never show up early unless you've offered to help set up), but anything more than 30 minutes, especially to a dinner party, is a bit excessive. If you know ahead of time that you won't be able to make it on time, let your host know. And obviously it's completely distasteful to show up late to a wedding. 

2. Of course your host won't expect anything, but it's always nice to arrive with a little gift in hand. A bottle of wine is always a safe choice, but if you know the party host is a scotch drinker, pick up a bottle. Fresh flowers, a box of chocolates, or French macarons are also good options.

3. Make an effort with people your hostess introduces you to. If they've created a seating arrangement or pull you over to meet someone, chat up the new person--your hostess probably introduced the two of you  for a reason. 

4. Take a hint! If you notice that the party has dwindled down to just a few stragglers, or if the host is ever-so-subtly starting to clean up (or not so subtly turned off the music and turned the lights back up), it's time to make your exit. 

5. If you've offered to stay and help with the clean-up afterward, then do so, even if everyone is relocating to an after-hours bar or someone else's house. Never leave your host in a lurch if you've made a commitment to them.

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