10 Travel Beauty Hacks

June 25, 2015

It's always hard to know which beauty products to pack when traveling, exactly how much of a product we'll need, and whether the travel-approved sizes will be enough to last the trip (because, is it me or do those "convenient" travel sizes just seem entirely too small?). As with the clothes we pile into our suitcases, we want beauty options for every possible travel scenario that could arise, so inevitably we end up overpacking. But by having a few tricks up your sleeve, you can both pare down the beauty items in your luggage (making more room for clothes and shoes!), and look gorgeous and refreshed throughout your entire trip. Here are ten such tricks that I use whenever I head out of town.

1. Save room in your luggage and use the hotel's complimentary conditioner as shaving cream instead of packing your own. 

2. There's no sense packing an entire tube of primer if you only plan to get made up for a night or two, so stop by Sephora or your favorite makeup counter and ask for samples of products that you probably won't use daily on your trip. This is a good time to get perfume samples and lipstick shades you want to test drive.

3. Avoid having to pack a ton of hair products and pick up a couple of Goody Spin Pins to create low maintenance topknots and chignons that can work for both day and night.

4. If you're traveling with little ones, use as many of their products as you can. Here are 7 products you can share with your baby

5. Find a clear or pale, shimmery gloss with just a hint of gold that works with your skin tone to use as highlighter, lipgloss, and even eyeshadow, so you don't have to pack as any cosmetics.

6. Ask for hot tea on the plane and, once you've finished drinking, place tea bags over your eyelids and relax.

7. Snag some toilet seat covers from the airport ladies room and stash them in your purse to use as blotting papers throughout your trip. (This is also a great trick even if you're not traveling.)

8. Request spoons from room service and keep them on hand in your room to de-puff eyes after a long day of sightseeing, or long nights of partying. Fill your ice bucket and place spoons in them, then press the backs of the cold spoons on your eyelids for about 5 minutes. 

9. If you're very specific about your shampoo and don't want to use the hotel's complimentary bottles, use them to clean your hairbrushes instead. 

10. Brew the in-room coffee and use the coffee grounds as a body scrub.

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  1. Oh, that's funny yet very practical @ coffee grounds as scrub ... I likey like! Great ideas!

    1. I actually scrub my hands with coffee grounds almost every day. ; )


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