Best Appetizers for a Summer Get Together

June 18, 2015

I love entertaining during the summer months and can just about always find some excuse to invite people over to eat; my husband does his thing on the grill while I typically handle everything else. Since I don't want to be stuck in a hot kitchen with a fiery oven, I look for recipes that are light and fresh and simple to make. At the moment, I'm loving the idea of serving a spread of easy yet impressive appetizers to replace the standard summer BBQ fare. Here are several app recipes I think would be perfect for a summer gathering.


  1. I lile the addition of pepperoni on the caprese bites. That is one of my favorite appetizers. So light and fresh and the vinaigrette is to die for. I would love to try those blackberry Brie bites. Now those look tasty! the Brie melted inside ?

    1. I agree, caprese salads or appetizers are delish! Yeah, the brie is melted and gooey inside. It's definitely one of my favorite cheeses.

  2. This post is making me drool - I want some of those pepperoni caprese bites NOW!


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