10 Ways to Garnish Desserts at Home

June 30, 2015

There is something sort of magical about a beautifully presented dessert when it's placed in front of you at a restaurant; it's the perfect finish to what was (hopefully) a great meal, and even if it's the same slice of chocolate cake or dish of ice cream you would serve at home, it always looks special and pretty. Here are ten surprisingly simple ways to give your desserts the same wow factor as a restaurant. Combine two or three ideas to create something really spectacular. 

1. Add a sprig of fresh mint.
2. Use a sifter to lightly dust with powdered sugar or cocoa powder.
3. Sprinkle with maldon salt flakes or turbinado sugar.
4. Arrange fresh berries on the plate.
5. Sprinkle with edible flowers.

6. Drizzle, write a message or create a design on the plate with some sort of sweet sauce (melted chocolate is always a safe bet).
7. Add chocolate curls or shavings.
8. Top with edible gold leaf.
9. Create shapes or words on wax paper using melted chocolate, freeze, and use to decorate your dessert.
10. Garnish with candied citrus peels.

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  1. Whoa! These are almost too pretty to eat. Beautiful works of art !


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