What to Pack for a Day at the Spa

September 16, 2015

A while back, a few girlfriends and I took a quick road trip down to San Diego to spend the day at a spa (which we all agreed was the best decision ever!), and while it wasn't my first time getting pampered at a day spa, it'd been quite some time since I'd visited one, and I somehow managed to forget some very important essentials (like, ahem, a swimsuit). For the most part, a good day spa takes care of things like slippers and robes, as well as a selection of toiletries--so I wasn't completely out of luck--but next time I'll be sure to pack a better bag that includes the following: 

Some spas have outdoor pools, jacuzzis, whirlpools, and even natural clay mud baths, so you'll definitely want to take a swimsuit. And obviously if you're going to be outside, sunscreen, sunglasses, and perhaps a hat are essential.

Workout Gear
Many times hotel and resort spas will include use of the fitness center with a spa day pass. If you're up for it, re-energize yourself with a good workout, before relaxing with one of the spa's treatments. 

A Book or Magazine
If you have time to relax a bit, before or after your treatment, you might like to have a good read with you. Lots of facilities will have a variety of reading material available in the relaxation room, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared with your own. 

You'll want to tip your massage therapist or aesthetician, and most will appreciate the cash. 

A Comfy Change of Clothes
After spending hours in a plush robe and slippers, and having your body practically melt under the skilled hands of a massage therapist, the last thing you'll want to put on is a pair of  jeans. Bring something comfy, like a soft, cotton maxi dress or cute, knit joggers.

As I said, any good day spa will provide a selection of toiletries for your use post treatment (think shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, etc), but you're on your own for things like deodorant, toothbrush, and makeup. And if you're going out to dinner or something afterwards, bring along any hair products you may need just in case the facility doesn't offer any.

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