Friday Favorites

September 18, 2015

Historically, I've been that person who rants about how stores start decorating for upcoming holidays months in advance, causing us consumers to feel rushed; we already rush through our daily lives and then we're expected to start preparing for Halloween before we've even finished our Labor Day barbecue. But lately I've been feeling like I could use a good, fat dose of Christmas in my life--not necessarily the presents (although I certainly wouldn't turn one down), but rather the joy and merriment and all the good feelings that the holiday season embodies. Also, since it's still ridiculously hot in Southern California, the cold and snow that Christmas brings along with it wouldn't be so bad either. Have yourself a merry little weekend, and God bless!

Koosh balls on shoes and pillows!

This pup

Lupita Nyong'o's spread in the October issue of Vogue

A locals-only guide to San Francisco

The craft studio of my dreams. 


  1. Lupita is effortlessly beautiful! I'd love to get my hand on that Vogue to see her spread . I know she rocked it!


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